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The Visual Armenia Development Foundation designs and implements programs aimed at providing innovative and structured solutions to the educational challenges in Armenia.

The acknowledgment of these challenges led to creation of “Ashkharhatsuyts”, (“WorldView” in English), an educational program that embraces innovation. It is aimed at transforming teaching and learning in Armenian public schools and building a community of teachers and students shaped around the program.


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WorldView is an innovative educational program operating at brainograph.com. The platform is a combination of technological solutions and modern teaching methods that enables the learning process to become more captivating, visually engaging, and easily accessible.

The platform offers a completely new approach to the teaching of subjects. Thanks to its interactive map, it links every event to its specific location and time, creating a more immersive learning experience.

WorldView not only makes the learning process attractive and interactive but also by virtue of its use develops new skills for both teachers and students.

WorldView assists students in

  • development of creative thinking,
  • development of analytical and critical thinking,
  • provides a more structural overview of subjects,
  • memory training,
  • overall progress.

WorldView assists teachers in

  • acquisition of IT knowledge and skills,
  • full utilization of their skills,
  • improvement in teaching quality,
  • enhancing their reputation by embracing and employing new technologies and methodologies that engages their students in a much more dynamic, attentive way.

Three-month teacher training program

The program’s objective is to train teachers on the utilization and integration of WorldView in the class. During the program, they are introduced to modern teaching methods, lesson planning techniques and computer skills to ensure that teaching in the classroom meets educational demands of the 21st century. Upon completion, teachers receive certificates based on the principle of Learn, Use, Share.

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Regional Workshops


The objective of the program is to introduce the WorldView educational innovative platform to teachers of regional schools. Through hands-on activities, and the opportunity to participate in follow-up weekly online sessions the program trains teachers on how to effectively employ the toolset offered and which methodologies can be applied in the classroom setting. Additionally, it highlights the tools that teachers may be missing in order to excel in the classroom.

Mentorship Program

Visual Armenia’s mentorship program objective is to form a community of mentor-teachers, educate them in new methodologies, and enhance their mentoring and communication skills to scale-up the impact of new teaching and learning offered by WorldView.


Smart-boards for the WorldView Program Schools

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Visual Armenia aims to equip schools with modern interactive smart-boards so that the full technological capabilities of the WorldView program can be utilized by both teachers and students. The smart-boards help the teachers teach and the students learn by interacting with the WorldView program. It also enables project-based learning, thereby enhancing the overall effectiveness of the teaching process.




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