We cannot but get inspired as we see how WorldView starts to live “independently

We cannot but get inspired as we see how WorldView starts to live “independently

Thanks to the mentor-teachers of the platform, it circulates at various events across Armenia, reminding us that through innovation and collaboration we can create a more inclusive and high-quality educational environment.

This time, our platform was represented by Haykanush Sharoyan, a history teacher from Geghanist Secondary School in the Ararat region and a graduate of the “WorldView Mentorship Scholarship 2023.” At the first teachers’ conference “Education as the Pillar of the State”  only 60 teachers presented out of 700 participating schools. One of them was our mentor-teacher.

In her speech, Ms. Sharoyan introduced Worldview and explained the application of the “flipped classroom” method with her own example. The teacher fondly remembers her participation in the WorldView mentorship program, highlighting that it is unique not only because of the financial reward but much more than that, because it allows sharing acquired skills and experiences with colleagues and contributing to a strong teaching community. 

“Throughout the program, I felt encouragement, support, and teamwork. By the end, I saw myself as a transformed educator. Worldview brings Armenian teachers to the level of international educational requirements and standards,” she told us. Ms. Sharoyan mentions that Worldview also breaks stereotypes – history is no longer about memorizing a few facts.

“This format fundamentally changes the attitude towards the subject, including from the students’ perspective. The platform provides teachers with skills that allow them to confidently say they teach using modern methods and technologies,” she notes. Sharoyan hopes that all educational reforms will help enhance the teacher’s reputation in the society. 


“WorldView Mentorship Scholarship 2024” has already started. The selected scholars will be announced soon.