Visual Armenia Foundation Main Donor and The Executive Director Visit Sisian High School

Visual Armenia Foundation Main Donor and The Executive Director Visit Sisian High School

On Friday the 26th of April, the main donor of the Visual Armenia Foundation, Christine Simone, and the Executive Director of the Foundation, Hovhannes Ghazaryan, visited the Sisian High School in the Syunik region, which not only is a high performer as a WorldView school, but also among one of the forty winners of the “Smart Displays for WorldView Schools 2023” competition.

“We are obviously in daily contact with the schools that use the WorldView, and the teachers who attended the training sessions, but it is an entirely different feeling to see all this in action on the ground. It is inspiring to see the students using the WorldView in the learning process;  it is in moments like this that we understand that our work is having an impact. We believe that a generation guided by a motivated and innovative education is the building block for a viable, competitive and strong state based on national values,” says Hovhannes Ghazaryan, Executive Director of the Foundation.

Christine Simone, President of the Manoogian Simone Foundation, followed the working session of all three groups with great interest. When each group had finished its work, the teacher suggested that they draw comparisons between the history lessons of the 7th century and the events of today. Each of the students, demonstrating critical thinking, presented their point of view, showing their awareness of contemporary events and their ability to make comparisons and draw conclusions.

It was a great pleasure to take part in the class with the students to see how enthusiastically they are embracing Worldview, using all its capacity to their advantage. I was very impressed by the students’ perceptiveness and ability to analyze historical events, to consider history lessons from the perspective of today’s problems and challenges, and to draw insightful conclusions. I could see their intelligence, their awareness of current day events, their commitment to understanding our long, rich history as it not only instills pride in our country, but from it we can learn lessons on how to build a stronger Armenia. This is why Visual Armenia and I have devoted so much energy to bring the best innovations to the students, so they can take these innovations to do better, be better and ultimately build a strong Armenia reaching its full potential,” noted Christine Simon.

At the end of the lesson, Ruzan Khachatryan, a history teacher at Sisian High School, candidly admitted that the students were excited to demonstrate in practice the importance of innovation as a contribution to quality education. And they have lived up to expectations. They know the WorldView tools and the capabilities of the Smart Displays almost by heart.

“If you ask any student who uses the WorldView, I am sure they will say the same; thanks to the platform, students have become more motivated and confident. As for the Smart Displays, I might say we scarcely get our turn. All the teachers have already found ways to use them in the context of the subject they are teaching,” notes Ruzan Khachatryan.

The Sisian High School is one of the most active users of the WorldView. Lyudmila Grigoryan, the first graduate of the “WorldView Mentor Scholarship 2023” program, teaches here as well․