Visual Armenia Foundation Brings Together WorldWiew Content Creators

Visual Armenia Foundation Brings Together WorldWiew Content Creators

More than 2000 articles developed! Can you imagine the time and dedication required to create all this content with high quality? Researching, collecting materials, writing articles, editing, proofreading—this is just a basic part of the workflow for each article.

 Before being delivered to you every piece of the content goes through several important stages to become as accurate as possible. We are guided by the principle of creating only high-quality content that serves not only students and teachers but also becomes a reliable source for all stakeholders who need to use the information.

 “A short stop before ambitious work”: the Visual Armenia Development Foundation recently held a meeting of the team creating history content Worldview to review the work done so far and discuss new ideas. Both old and new members were in attendance. The Foundation’s Executive Director and the Founder of Worldview platform, Hovhannes Ghazaryan, thanked everyone and highly praised their diligence and contribution to achieving the common goal.

 We’ve embarked on a long-running and productive journey with this professional team. Soon, we will share their stories on how they joined the Visual Armenia team with a promise to catch your interest.