“Our students have the advantage to learn through such a wonderful platform, unlike us”

“Our students have the advantage to learn through such a wonderful platform, unlike us”

The students of Sissian High School were the organizers this time. Their task was to register the participants of the regional workshop on learning and using the WorldView educational program. One hour later, they had registered sixty-five teachers from different extended communities in the Syunik region: Sissian, Kapan, and Goris.

The Visual Armenia Development Foundation organized the ninth regional workshop on April 13. Both beginners and teachers already using the WorldView program applied to participate. It was encouraging to see that senior generation teachers were also interested in using innovative teaching methods.

“We are well aware of the challenges in the field of education, and we believe that it is unfair to place the responsibility for all problems on the shoulders of the teacher,” said Hovhannes Ghazaryan. “I often give the example that if we do not provide the army with modern weapons, we cannot expect adequate combat capabilities. It is the same in school: if we do not provide teachers with modern educational tools and introduce new teaching methods in the learning process, we cannot expect quality education. This is a simple formula for us, and based on these principles, Visual Armenia fulfills its mission to educate a competitive generation ready for the challenges of the future.”

Arkady Badalyan, a history teacher at Akhlatyan’s school, heard about WorldView only a few days ago and did not hesitate to sign up for the regional workshop. “Many people might think that I am a pensioner and should not be interested in such programs, but on the contrary, I always follow innovations,” he said. “Before coming here, I thought that no matter what happens, I will learn something useful. Fortunately, I wasn’t disappointed. What someone else said is just theoretical; I have to try it myself. I am sure I will learn it very quickly, and although our school is small, with only 52 students, we will use this platform.”

They came not only to learn, but also to make suggestions on how to improve the platform: develop certain tools, create thematic maps and have a base of symbols, etc. The teachers also stressed the importance of having a mobile application of the WorldView program.

One of the teachers noted that the current generation is in a more beneficial position. “When we were in school, there were no programs like this, and our students have been given the opportunity to learn through such a wonderful platform.”

In 2023, the Visual Armenia Development Foundation in cooperation with the NCEDI Foundation launched a series of regional workshops on learning and using the WorldView educational platform. The next regional meeting will be held in Vayots Dzor region.