100 Smart Displays for WorldView Schools

100 Smart Displays for WorldView Schools

100 earned dreams, 100 upgraded public schools, and 37,899 beneficiary learners! The Visual Armenia Development Foundation finalized the results of the “Smart Displays for WorldView Schools 2024” competition, announcing with great joy and excitement that instead of the initially planned 50, twice as many public schools – in total 100 –  will be given an opportunity to earn innovative educational technical equipment.

As stated by Hovhannes Ghazaryan, the Director of the Visual Armenia Development Foundation and the author of the WorldView innovative educational platform, this unprecedented decision was made possible thanks to the unwavering support of the Foundation’s main donor and friend, Christine Simon, President of the Manoogian Simon Foundation: 

“Acquiring the technology alone cost 100 million drams. I believe this is an unprecedented investment in Armenia’s educational environment, literally targeting the modernization of education. Paired with the WorldView innovative educational platform, we provide our teachers and learners with yet another tool designed to meet their needs for contemporary education. We are incredibly excited to have the opportunity to achieve a goal that our entire team believes in: transform Armenia by transforming education.”

For the competition titled “My WorldView: Mapping…”, overall 170 public schools submitted applications from across the country. 155 schools advanced to the second phase, and only 143 presented competition project packages involving 130 teachers leading the projects, 957 learners, and, in some cases, entire communities. For over two months, the applicants undertook extensive research, fact-finding, and organizational efforts, gaining invaluable experience and knowledge that is difficult to quantify. However, the lasting, unique, and more importantly, publicly beneficial outcomes produced as a result of creative work utilizing modern technologies will serve both their schools and communities.

The evaluation committee, comprising eight members from the Foundation, the Ministry of ESCS, the NCEDI Foundation, and other educational institutions, worked tirelessly, conducting meetings and discussions and meticulously examining every project detail to ensure compliance with competition requirements. After more than a month of diligent work, today we state with great responsibility that we have made decisions in line with the Visual Armenia Development Foundation’s core principle – professional impartiality.

This competition, qualified as charitable by the Government of the RA for the second consecutive time is a unique initiative contributing to our unwavering dedication to improving the quality of education through joint efforts and innovation.

We congratulate each of you and our team for overcoming all obstacles with team spirit and collaboration and for achieving the Program goals.

In the previous competition round, 40 public schools across Armenia were awarded smart displays, and 2 more were provided to the schools within the frames of the Program pilot phase. Thus, already 142 public schools from all regions and the capital Yerevan have been supplied with cutting-edge technical equipment. This, along with the WorldView innovative educational platform, enables the use of modern teaching methods and tools, significantly enhancing the efficiency of the teaching process.

This is only the beginning of our shared journey and adopted goals. Many more programs and initiatives lie ahead, which we will bring to life with unified efforts and a clear commitment to achieving systemic positive changes in the Armenian educational environment. Your diligent involvement and dedication inspire us, making further achievements inevitable.

Here’s to new victories ahead!

The list of the winning schools is available below.